Phan is the pairing of Dan Howell and Phil Lester.

For some reason, Dan and Phil's fans keep shipping them together, no matter how much they say they are not together in any kind of sexual relationship and are only friends.

Some hardcore shippers find phan 'proof' and 'evidence' in any friendly interaction between the two, but fortunately, there are also 'normal' shippers who simply write fanfictions, make fanart and share it clearly stating that phan is not real, but they wish it was. 

Some distubing fanfictions that most of the phandom knows and tricks others to see are:Edit

  • The skin fic & the skin fic 2

​        In these two horribly disturbing fanfics Dan has a peeling skin fetish. In part one he tells Phil he doesn't need any suncream so that he can eat his skin from his body. In part 2 Phil decides to surprise Dan with a 'treat' and goes to a tanning shop and burns his whole skin. Both of them end in passionate love-making

  • The chair fic, the chair fic prologue & the chair fic 2

        Did you know that a chair could turn you into a monster who abuses your crush? Neither did Dan and Phil, otherwise they would've thrown it out. A lot of BDSM, a snake named Delia (in an anus), ants and boiling oil. Enjoy?

  • The milk fic

​        Just as disturbing, but slightly better written. If you want to know what Dan and Phil do with their milk, this is a must read! *insert warning here*

  • The kittens and steamrollers fic

​        Fetishes again... Dan loves playing with his poop and Phil loves kittens! How do they fit both in  their love-making session?

  • The tentacle fic

       One of them tries to confess their love. The other break his heart. So the first rapes him and rips him apart. Then commits suicide out of sadness.

  • The llama fic & the lion fic

​        Dead animals stolen from the zoo and used as sex toys... disturbing enough? if not, keep in mind that a cute little mutant is born from that...

  • The knife fic

       Just some killing and stuff. Boring. Not enough fetishes. 

  • The hat fic

What happens when Phil finally buys a hamster?  Phil's anus hurts, and it isn't from Dan's penis. And they end up buying one every month. Also, there's a hat full of cum.